What does Alan Feirer know about handling employees?

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The Board of Supervisors is responsible for directly hiring, directing, and evaluating non-elected department heads. Part of that is providing support to department heads as they supervise and grow their employees.

Taxpayers need to have faith that their County Supervisors know how to lead county workers.

Keeping workers and their leaders happy and productive has become my bread and butter since I took Group Dynamic full time in 2010. Most of what I do as a trainer and consultant helps workplace leaders and bosses be more effective. This has included

  • Facilitating personality assessments and using them to improve teamwork.
  • Coaching leaders who struggle, usually in the area of communication.
  • Teaching leaders the art of assigning tasks effectively and holding people accountable.
  • Training managers in the basics of servant leadership.
  • Helping leaders and team members understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and commit to self-improvement.
  • Strategically analyzing organizations and fix inefficiencies.

I also have my own employees. I issue and deal with workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance, make payroll, maintain personnel files, issue legal employment contracts, interview, hire, and evaluate.

This part of the job of County Supervisor is often overlooked, and it’s a responsibility I am looking forward to.

If you want more specifics on how I approach workplace problems, check out my professional blog. I write weekly posts on workplace and leadership issues. If you would like to bring that real-world expertise to Madison County, I would appreciate your vote.

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