What does Alan Feirer know about county government?

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10 years ago, not much.

My knowledge of county government was pretty basic; they collect my taxes, I have to let them know when I buy a car, that’s where I renew my passport and driver’s license. Oh, and I hear they handle the roads.

Eight years ago, when I started my own business, some of my early clients were government entities. Since then, I’ve provided training to government officials at all levels. I spoke at a state health department event. I’ve done leadership training for a Federal department (the VA), and I recently did a 6-session leadership class series for the City of Perry’s leaders, including the police chief, library director, city administrator, and every department in between.

And, I’ve worked with county officials, too. I’ve done leadership training for all the Assessors in the state. I did a training session for County Treasurers in this part of the state. I’ve executed multiple training sessions for County Conservation folks. I have been hired to provide leadership training multiple times for Scott County, one of the larger counties in the state. I’ve provided team development for an Auditor’s office. I have been a presenter at the Iowa State Association of Counties annual convention. And along the way, I learned a few things.

So because of that, when I started pondering this race, almost two years ago, I had an understanding of the complexity of local governments like cities and counties. I began attending meetings, and saw there was still a lot to learn.

Because I believe in fixing weaknesses, I committed to learning as much as I could before I filed my candidacy. I met with nearly every department head; Planning and Zoning, Secondary Roads, Emergency Management, Public Health (twice – there was turnover in that position), and more. I also met with elected officials, toured their offices, and learned about their day-to-day work, including the Sheriff, County Attorney, Treasurer, Recorder, and Auditor. And, I met with people dedicated to the development of Madison County: the directors of the Chamber and the Development Group.

I have two notebooks filled with insights from those meetings, and followed up with more questions as the campaign rolled forward. I studied their public documents. There’s still a lot to learn.

What can you take from this as you decide how to cast your vote?

  1. You can count on the fact that I have an up-to-date understanding of how Madison County works, and how its parts relate to each other.
  2. You can count on me to learn; I won’t assume that I have all the answers, or pretend I know everything. Instead, I go out and seek answers.

If you want that in a Supervisor, then I would appreciate your vote.


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  1. G. JoAnn Collins
    | Reply

    THIS is the kind of research and vision a person needs to do to be a viable official. It is obvious on other FB entries that people who complain have absolutely no idea how things work or even which entity has responsibility. So…thanks to you for posting this!! Hope you are not just “preaching to the choir”….

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thank you, JoAnn! That means a lot coming from you.

  2. Shelley Marsh
    | Reply

    Good luck in the debate. Though we may not see everything eye to eye I can count on you to seek out answers to openly listen to consider what others may know about the subject to not jump to conclusions to not make light of others concerns and to be open to changing your position or mind when you fully understand the just of the situation to try to find an answer where there is give and take but most of all you will try to protect and provide a safe county for everyone over a budget increase. One thing we do share is the love of Madison County, all regions and the want to keep it scenic, safe, both environmentally and ecologically and love of the residents and their desire to remain safe and protected.

    • Alan Feirer
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, Shelley. We’ll keep talking.

      • Shelley Marsh
        | Reply

        Definitely Alan!
        There were many questions for the debate they chose not to ask instead asking questions about bathrooms, Frosties, and cemeteries. We will forward some of those to you and the others to get your answers for the county voters.
        Thank you for being you!

        • Alan Feirer
          | Reply

          Sounds like a plan! I think they made a deliberate choice to begin and end light, anticipating that there might be more tension in the room or even among the candidates. And, there are people out there who want to know more about the future of township officials, so I get it. It was a very short time when you have seven candidates who all really like to talk!

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