Reflection on yesterday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors

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Supervisor Price gave an informative report on an organization called the Jeffris Family Foundation. They give grants – large ones – for projects that preserve small town buildings. We could stand to get about $500,000 from that foundation to help our Courthouse preservation.

I found that to be a refreshing example of proactive thinking to save taxpayers money and preserve an historic building.

Another item of discussion was the desire of Cerro Gordo county to join the same Mental Health and Disability Services region that we’re a part of. We already have 10 counties – used to be 9 – and now we may add another. It seems like we keep diluting our efforts to take care of people who need our help the most.

I spoke up to ask a couple questions of the Board – one was about whether there was any guidance for landowners on signing easement agreements with energy companies. Another was about why public comments aren’t in the minutes. In short, the answer to the first question was “no,” but a good discussion was provoked. And, Auditor Burhans had a very reasonable explanation on the other – she told the story of what happened when she experimented with putting public comments in the minutes. Another decent discussion followed.

The best meetings have these exchanges of ideas.

I’ve posted another meet-up for next week, right after the meeting, at The Cellar, just in case anyone wants to talk about the meeting or other concerns. We had a decent crowd last time, so I hope we have another lively discussion!

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