Accessibility is Key

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There’s a familiar crowd at the weekly Supervisor meetings – most who show up tend to have a flexible schedule. Some are retired, some are self-employed, and rarely someone makes arrangements at their job or with their children to attend.

But by and large, 9am on Tuesday isn’t an easy time for people.

How can we do better at connecting people to county government? One way might be consider an occasional meeting at a different time, like 7am, or 6pm, to allow for people who work a 9-5 job the opportunity to attend. Or what if there were occasional meetings in other cities in the county, perhaps once per quarter? This is an idea that’s already being floated informally in some of the Heart and Soul work, which is likely to influence the next version of the comprehensive plan.

I met with a concerned citizen from the eastern part of the county this last weekend. The best time we could find to visit was Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. in Bevington. So be it; that’s what it takes.

I’m committed to this; people have shared their frustration with communication since I started this campaign. And I have shown a commitment to walking that talk; I’ve had this blog, and dedicated website, since April.

I set up a dedicated Facebook page in April, and respond to the comments and messages. (According to Facebook, my average response time is less than 2 hours. Not bad for a guy who works full time.)

I set up a dedicated email address, and I’ve exchanged dozens of emails with Madison County residents since then.

I’ve held, and heavily advertised, public events in Macksburg, Truro, Bevington, Winterset, St. Charles, and Earlham. Most of them were in the evenings to make it easier for people to attend.

I’m the only candidate in the race who has set up all these ways to connect with people.

If I become a paid and elected Supervisor, you can expect these commitments to continue and expand.

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